Flute. Clarenio. jSax. Toots.DooDs.


Flute. Clarenio. jSax. Toots.DooDs.

from 47.60

Flute. (intermediate) jSax & Clarenio. (yr2+) NEW beginners TooTs & Doods 12.30pm. (KS1)
9 lessons.
29th May - 8th July 2019 (BHol 6th May)

KS2 Clarenio
(intermediate) Flute (Beginners)
KS1 TooTs & DooDs
8 Lessons
3rd May- 12th July 2019 (inset day 24th May & 28th June)

Mondays & Fridays from Midday
Classes are 30 minutes of fun and music with 3-6 children in each group.

This term we will be continuing to introducing new elements of Music Theory to help with reading patterns in music. Practice for an end of year performance in the summer concert.

Please note the price increase for the new school year reflects the introduction of a charge of £1 per child per 30 mins lesson by the school.

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All our classes are unique! We are one of the first in the UK to teach using a ground breaking method for children designed by award winning flautist Kathy Blocki . Lessons are packed with gadgets, games and activities to maximise engagement that makes learning an instrument easy and FUN!  Group classes (with a maximum of 6 children) are underpinned by the importance of movement which helps fire up young brains to build new skills and foster all round learning.  We provide NUVO woodwind instruments for all groups which are again designed for children age 4-12. An affordable way for your child to learn to play a woodwind instrument earlier than usual and without initial instrument costs. Learning to play a smaller, lightweight, TooT, DooD, Flute, Clarineo or jSax means your child will then easily move on play the traditional instruments as they grow.
Click on the names in bold  to find out more about the instruments and teaching.

A wonderful way for your child to start their musical journey – something every child deserves!

Yrs R-1: TooTs and DooDS
Yr 2+;  NEW Jsax
Yr 3+:  NEW Clarineo, Flute. 

One to One tuition available on request.

All Instruments are provided for all lessons.  Whilst Playing at home is not essential, it does have benefits and encourages faster progress, learning and achievement. For this you can hire a Flute, jSax or Clarineo with the option to purchase at a later date. TooTs and DooDs are available to purchase only. For all enquiries and further details please Contact Us here.