Toots and Doods Buckingham Park Primary

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Toots and Doods Buckingham Park Primary


Thursdays 3.15 - 3.45pm.
10 Lessons.
19th September - 5th December 2019 ( excluding 10th October)

Classes are 30 minutes of fun, music making and instrumental learning.
Enrolment is limited to 12 children per session.

Please note the price increase from the Introductory rate. This is now inclusive of room hire and the extra fee of £1 paid per child per class will be passed on to the school.

FIRST TIME? Have you completed the new student registration form on the previous page? If you ve missed it please go back and scroll down, its at the bottom! Thank you!

Enrol and pay

Classes are taught using Kinderflute methodology with a focus on movement and games. The children are introduced to early elements of music and instrumental techniques. Where possible we theme our lessons to support current school topics. Integral to our lessons is listening to each to other play individually and together, building breath control, reading and coordination through games and toys, and composing our own mini seasonal tunes.
TooTs and DooDs are provided, or you may purchase your childs own instrument here.