Ropetackle Centre. Shoreham-by-Sea

Tuesday 1st & 8th August.

10.15-11am. Ages 5-11.   


The HUB. Upper Beeding.

Monday 7th August.

10.30-11.15am: Age 3-5.

 11.15-12pm: Age 5-11.


St.Giles hall.Shoreham-by-sea.

Exclusive for Home Education.

Friday 4th August.

 10.30-11.30am. Age 5-11.


Join us to experience first hand how we teach even young children to form  a flute embouchure.. Play parachute games to enhance listening skills and promote movement. Teach  first notes and basic rhythm on TooTs, DooDs Flutes and Ocarinas'. Play games to explore how music is written down.












Come join the fun at our next Taster session


Introductory taster rate £3.50 per child.



Parents and carers are responsible for children at all times during taster sessions.