An experienced flautist, and founder of Happy Tunes Music Makers,  Lisa O'Connor is a warm, versatile and creative teacher. She uses a simultaneous learning approach to create lessons that maximise engagement, foster all-round musical learning, and make FUN a priority.

I am inspired by the special moments in teaching when I see a child’s eyes light up with laughter and excitement, when they realise they can make a new sound or play a new note, repeat a rhythm or master a new melody. The huge grin that says “I did that!” followed by an impatient eagerness to show others what they have achieved.
I  love that each lesson is unique. As a teacher and musician, I am always expanding my own thinking and exploring new ways to understand and meet each student’s learning style and preference. Coaching and encouraging them to build confidence, skills, and overall enjoyment of music making.

Lisa has recently studied under award-winning flute pedagogue Kathy Blocki and is on track to become one of the first teachers in the UK  to teach the phenomenal new method of BlockiFlute. The foundations of which combine research into neurogenesis*, by Harvard professor Dr. John Ratey MD, and apply it to the pedagogy of teaching flute.

As an ambassador of NUVO instrumental, Lisa is part of an international team of music educators who promote making music and playing musical instruments more accessible to young students around the world.

Enhanced DBS registered

*Neurogenesis is most prevalent during pre-natal development and is the process by which neurons are created to populate the growing brain. Contrary to what was believed 10 years ago, new research has shown that neurogenesis also can occur throughout life and can enhance learning. Key factors that have proven to stimulate significant neurogenesis are exercise, a loving and supportive environment, and new and enriching experiences.