Group Ocarina lessons
Pre School Children age 3-4

We are delighted to introduce new group lessons for preschool. Our focus is on instrumental learning, listening and moving to music.
We use 4-hole ocarinas to introduce children to making their own instrumental sound using their breath and finger movements. We use fun games and activities to show how simple music symbols are used to prompt the sounds we make.
 Live music performance to inspire listening, dance, imagination, creativity and emotional expression.
OCARINAS' are  provided making this a great way to start your little musician without any extra instrumental costs. 

TUESDAYS - 10 am
. Term time only
Introductory price £4.00 per 20 minute session.
Fees are payable in advance per term

Toots & Doods

Group lessons.
Children age 5-7. 

We use NUVO Toots and Doods to teach flute and single reed instrument skills to children much earlier than traditional instruments. Inspired by award winning Flute pedagogue Kathi Blocki, we use movement and games, numbers, and contemporary tunes to have fun, play notes and rhythms, and explore the early elements of music and learning to play a woodwind instruments..  

Instruments are provided making this a great way to start your little musician without any extra instrumental costs. 

 MONDAYS - 3.45 pm.
 Room 7. The Shoreham Centre. BN43 5WU.
Term time only.
£6.95 per 40 minute session.
Fees are payable in advance per term.

St.Peter's catholic primary school. BN43 6PJ.

 Term time only

FRIDAYS - 12pm.  12.30pm,  1pm,  1.45pm.
St. Nicholas and St. Mary primary school. Bn43 6PE. 
Term time only.

Lessons within Schools
£4.95 per child per 30 minute session. 

Fees are payable in advance per term.


Group flute lessons
Children age 7-11

Blockiflute is a method designed by Kathi Blocki to teach students to love music and learn to play the flute - but that is only the beginning.  Through learning to listen, play notes, produce a beautiful tone, read music, compose, and creatively express themselves, students are firing areas of the brain to make learning in all areas more productive. Kinesthetic learning is emphasized through the use of games to create an active, fun and engaging environment to maintain a keen sense of alertness and to build a lifetime love of music.

NUVO instruments are provided making this an affordable way for your child to learn to play the flute without initial instrumental costs. 

 TUESDAYS - 3.45pm.
St Giles Hall. BN43 6BT.
Term time only.  
£7.95 per 40 minute session.
 Fees are payable in advance per half term.

NEW -FRIDAYS- 2.15pm
St.Nicholas & St.Mary primary School.

Term time only.
£5.95 per 30 minute lesson.
Fees are payable in advance per term.

NEW - Mondays - 11am

Term time only.
£7.95 per 40 minute lesson.
Fees payable in advance in 6 weeks blocks.

Enrolment is limited to 6 students per class so contact us today to reserve your place.

Private Tuition

Mondays-Fridays . Shoreham-by-sea.

If you choose to learn purely for enjoyment or wish to progress through graded exams, experience one to one tuition with Lisa O'Connor. Personal lessons are tailored in pace and style just for yourself or your child. Using the method books of Kathi Blocki,  students learn to play multiple octaves right from the beginning. With innovative NUVO flutes,that include a starter lip plate and extension keys and in funky colours, children as young as 5 are now able to learn to play flute. Or maybe you already have a traditional silver flute just waiting to play a new tune!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your preferences and availability.

Tuition fees are £12.50 per 30 minutes payable monthly.