St.Nicolas and St.Marys School

Classes and Lessons at St .Nicolas and St.Marys 

 TooTs and DooDs  Lunchtime class for Yr1 and Yr2/3.

This is where the fun starts with our NUVO instruments TooTs and DooDs. First step instruments for Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet

A 30 minute class begins with a calm start of breathing and stretching exercises. Our learning focuses on a single musical ingredient each week, and is reinforced with a fun active game to finish.

Each term includes learning to play and read new notes and rhythm. I encourage creativity with composition and improvisation, and developing an internal beat and musicality with listening and moving to music. Woven throughout is teaching a favourite mini melody that the children learn and perform together. Themes are linked to year group topics and school events.

Every week children will receive a sanitised box with a TooT or DooD to play and resources. 

NB. Places are limited to maximum of 6 children per class.

 FLUTE  and/or PIANO for beginners.

1-1/Buddy lessonsYr1-6

This is a perfect combination of receiving individually tailored tuition in one to one lessons, with the fun of group classes.
Children are matched to a buddy ideally from their year and will alternate each week between a 20 min 1-1 and  30min paired lesson.

Similar to my lunchtime class for younger years, paired lessons, will be filled with active games to reinforce note reading, rhythm, and five note patterns. As well as gaining the valuable experience of playing together and improvisation and with their friends and peers.

I  have NUVO Flutes  available to hire, so there is no added cost of buying an instrument to start playing. 

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